ITK Mens Run

ITK Mens Run.

Total run participants: 14

  • Rhoynald ClayRhoynald Clay
  • Anthony Watts IIAnthony Watts II
  • G HoopsG Hoops
  • Mark wattsMark watts
  • Joshu SmithJoshu Smith
  • Brittany DorseyBrittany Dorsey
  • Phil MPhil M
  • Darius SmithDarius Smith
  • JayJeffJayJeff
  • Orlando ThomasOrlando Thomas
  • Jodye WattsJodye Watts
  • Tj MorrisTj Morris
  • Jonathan HarrisJonathan Harris
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Mens Run

  • Must Register On The App
  • Gatorade $2
  • Water $1
  • Snacks $1
  • 8 Minutes games or first to 10
  • 2 Minute Break between games.
  • Continuation (Basket counts)
  • Clock Never Stops!
  • No check ball under 1 minute.
  • Call your own calls. No disputing foul calls.
  • 1’s and 2’s
  • Authority: Coach Britt
  • Out of bounds Rule: Ball is inbounds even if it goes over the background.
  • Music
First ten to arrive will be the first game. Every game after, winner stays on, one person on the sideline will have next after each game.
7-0 game shutout

ANY and ALL altercations will result in involved players being BANNED.



Health Waiver

By selecting “Join Run” I, the registered account user, understand and agree that I am participating in this event on my own free will and accord and that neither HoopRun, LLC, nor its insurer(s) will share in or accept responsibility for any liability for bodily injury, property damage, medical expense or other loss that may arise from my participation in this event.

I further understand, agree, and have no expectation HoopRun, LLC will provide any form of security or other measure of safeguarding for this event, as there is no reasonable expectation that such will be necessary

I further understand and agree that this event is considered a “no-fault” event by me, as well as HoopRun, LLC and in the event of bodily injury, property damage, necessity of medical expenses or other loss, I agree to incur my own expenses without input or participation from HoopRun, LLC or its insurer(s).

10301 W. Seven Mile Rd


April 13, 2022


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This run can no longer be booked