Girls Middle School HoopRun

Girls Middle School HoopRun.

Total run participants: 15

  • Aaliyah FrostAaliyah Frost
  • Jackie BrownJackie Brown
  • Brooke MaloneBrooke Malone
  • JaNyia LarryJaNyia Larry
  • Jaebri'an AutryJaebri'an Autry
  • Diavian RobinsonDiavian Robinson
  • Kassidy CainKassidy Cain
  • Amelia LevineAmelia Levine
  • Harmony HaysHarmony Hays
  • Colleena BryantColleena Bryant
  • Tommie KellumTommie Kellum
  • Micaila HinesMicaila Hines
  • Sheridan BealSheridan Beal
  • Victorya GamblesVictorya Gambles
  • Demi BoltonDemi Bolton

ACC Youth Center

This middle school run will feature some of the top middle school talent in the D. It’s open to the first 15 participants. All participants will be required to wear a mask and be subject to temperature checks at the door. Participants when not playing have to remain socially distance on the bleachers and have a face covering on. Waivers are required and included with registration. Under no circumstances are any parents or spectators allowed. Parents can not be in the hallway or doorway or even enter the building.

Health Waiver

By selecting “Join Run” I, the registered account user, understand and agree that I am participating in this event on my own free will and accord and that neither HoopRun, LLC, nor its insurer(s) will share in or accept responsibility for any liability for bodily injury, property damage, medical expense or other loss that may arise from my participation in this event.


I further understand, agree, and have no expectation HoopRun, LLC will provide any form of security or other measure of safeguarding for this event, as there is no reasonable expectation that such will be necessary.


I further understand and agree that this event is considered a “no-fault” event by me, as well as HoopRun, LLC and in the event of bodily injury, property damage, necessity of medical expenses or other loss, I agree to incur my own expenses without input or participation from HoopRun, LLC or its insurer(s).

62 West Seven Mile Rd


September 9, 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This run is fully booked.